Extra Cute Kitchen Accessories

Sometimes you just need a fun accessory to brighten your kitchen, or day. Gone are the days where you had just the one drab option. These days, you can have or cultivate any look you want. Personally, I love accents that are pops of color against neutrals. Fun textures or cute designs can really elevate your space and put a smile on your face while you're using them. Here are some of favorite kitchen accessories. 

canteen blush pink water bottle.jpg

22oz Blush Pink Canteen

This stylish water bottle is BPA free and has an adjustable strap.

oil slick chopsticks rainbow reusable metal.jpg

Oil Slick Metal Rainbow Chopsticks

The holographic oil slick trend keeps going and i'm so grateful because these chopsticks are beautiful.

garlic house ceramic white.jpg

Ceramic Garlic House

After seeing this adorable garlic house, i'm afraid I have been mistreating my bulbs.

coral salt shaker hexagon.jpg

Coral Pink Salt Shaker

This gorgeous shaker is created by Hay for the MOMA accessories line is a chic and sweet addition to any kitchen.

alessi rainbow hummingbird soy sauce.jpg

Alessi Humming Soy Sauce Container

Tiny, delicate and cute. Season your food with this little guy.

kitchen aid mixer lavender purple.jpg

Kitchen Aid Lavender Mixer Stand

This is the most covetable mixer on the market, mainly because it's the benchmark for all mixers. This lavender edition is no exception.

heller stackable rainbow design mugs.jpg

Heller Rainbow Stackable Design Mugs

I want an entire cabinet of these Massimo Vignelli designer mugs.

ceramic coffee tea cup cactus.jpg

Ceramic Cactus Coffee Mug

Ok the handles are CACTUS ARMS. I think we're done here.

lego mug buildable bricks.jpg

Lego Building Mug

Transform this mug into a flourishing garden, a construction site, a port.... whatever your heart desires.

pink macaroon kitchen timer.jpg

Macaron Kitchen Timer

Sometimes you can't rely on your phone for baking needs. Use this scrumptious little timer instead.

Jason Horton