Kawaii Halloween


Halloween is coming, and if you’re like me, you procrastinate on your costume, get overly ambitious, or just flat out miss your mark. One Halloween I dressed up as Animal from the Muppets (more on that another time) and someone addressed me as “Monster Lady”. Thankfully the world of Sailor Moon has us covered. Every single time I see someone in these costumes, I always think to myself what a great choice that is and how you just can’t go wrong with any of the Sailors.

It doesn’t matter who you are, fan or non-fan, group, woman, girl, boy, man or animal. Sailor Moon is an adorable, cheeky, and perfect costume for Halloween. Don’t believe me? Check out the videos at the bottom of people paying homage to Serena and friends.

sailor moon.jpg

Sailor Moon Costume

sailor chibi moon.jpg

Chibi Moon Costume

sailor jupiter.jpg

Sailor Jupiter Costume

sailor mars curated kawaii.jpg

Sailor Mars Costume

sailor mercury.jpg

Sailor Mercury Costume

sailor neptune.jpg

Sailor Neptune Costume

sailor pluto.jpg

Sailor Pluto Costume

sailor saturn.jpg

Sailor Saturn Costume

sailor uranus.jpg

Sailor Uranus Costume

sailor venus.jpg

Sailor Venus Costume

moon wig.jpg

Sailor Moon Wig

chibi moon wig.jpg

Sailor Chibi Moon Wig

jupiter wig.jpg

Sailor Jupiter Wig

mars wig.jpg

Sailor Mars Wig

mercury wig.jpg

Sailor Mercury Wig

neptune wig.jpg

Sailor Neptune Wig

pluto wig.jpg

Sailor Pluto Costume

saturn wigs.jpg

Sailor Saturn Wig

uranus wig.jpg

Sailor Uranus Wig

venus wig.jpg

Sailor Venus Wig


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sailor mars curated kawaii.jpg

All about Sailor Mars

Sailor mercury.jpg

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All about Sailor Pluto


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Jason Horton