10 Kawaii Treats


You can never be too young or too old to deeply appreciate a treat that is truly scrumptious. Something about a snack that is both cute and sweet can really put a smile on your face. I've always been drawn to Japanese candy because of the unique flavors, techo-color packaging, and fun shapes. However, Japanese candy doesn't have the monopoly on cute and irresistible treats. Here are some of my favorite kawaii treats that are fabulous as gifts or just to snack on by yourself (but is almost always better to share 😻🍭)



A popular refreshment in Japan, Ramune is fun and delicious. Between the little glass marble and the sugary flavors, this soft drink moves past novelty and straight into my heart.


Super Lemon

Plainly put, this is one of the most delicious sour candies EVER. They also make Super Soda (ramune), Super Cola, and Super Ume (Japanese plum). The sour is extreme but somehow perfectly timed to reach the sweetness before it's too much to handle.


Botan Rice Candy

These mellow and chewy candies have an edible rice wrapper that you can eat! These have been around since I was a child, and it's clear they are still a perennial favorite with children.


Haribo Vampire

Just in time for Halloween, from the authority on all things gummy, Haribo gives us these adorable goth candies. Whether it's rainbow bats or peach rings, Haribo understands how to make cute gummys that you can't get enough of.


Nestle Party Bag

Yes, these are standard candies you can find any day, nearly everywhere; but, guess what? They're classics for a reason and this mix is everything that people pick from the other mixes first. They're no brainers.


Royal Milk Tea

I could drink this perfect milk tea every day of my life. The can is actually quite design savvy, resembling toile porcelain, with it's smooth blue and white can. This drink is a delicious balance of black tea, light creamy milk and just a touch of sugar.


Sanrio Pez

Hello Kitty is the unoffical (official) queen of all the things kawaii,
Pez is a candy institution. Together they make the perfect treat to drop into gift bags, hand out to co-workers or to keep in your purse anytime you just need some sugar and a smile.


Apollo Strawberry

Chocolate & strawberries, it's a classic combo as old as time. My mouth waters everytime I see a box of these sweets. The adorable strawberry pattern on the box is so perfect and the chocolates just melt in your mouth.


Kinoko No Yama

Literally, "mushroom mountain", the chocolate topped biscuits are an absolute delight. This might be the only guaranteed safe mushroom picking option you'll ever get.


Crown Grape & Peach Candy

The white peach flavoring of these chewy candies is so rich and pure, you would think you were taking a bite out of the actual peach. The grape is delcious too. I can't buy these without them being pilfered 10 seconds after opening.

Jason Horton